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About Shoot Stock


Alan Skyrme

Alan Skyrme is a British photographer and writer who divides his time between his base in the northeast of Brazil and Edinburgh, Scotland. Over the past 15 years his fine art photographic work has won or received awards in a number of international photography competitions. In his spare time he paints watercolours.


As the flagship site for Alan Skyrme Photography the main focus of Shoot Stock is to showcase the latest samples of our photographic work. Shoot Stock, part of the Shoot Images company, offers Travel, Food and Nature images (stock images or commissioned projects) while its sister entity, Shoot Froot, focuses on images of fruit from around the world.

Art on sale

Alan Skyrme Gallery was a separate site that held our Fine Art Photography images. The site has been discontinued as part of our rationalisation process and, in its place we have added a new section in the Shoot Stock site that includes bot Fine Art Photographic images as well as watercolour paintings.


Shoot Stories is the text-based creative entity within the group, offering articles on travel, food and nutrition in support of our images.

SHOOT froot

Shoot Froot, a site that has been “off the air” for a few years (though fruit images have continued to be sold under that name, focused initially on images of fruit from around the world but now covers fruit and some vegetables. The new site, transferred to Square Space this month (OCT19) will be rebuilt over the next few months as my archive of stock images is in Brazil.