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Prego Original

 View from the riverside across the gardens on Rua Pimenta with restaurants and bars beyond the trees

View from the riverside across the gardens on Rua Pimenta with restaurants and bars beyond the trees


When travelling to Europe I usually stop off at the point of entry for a day or two. In the last decade or so this point of entry has been Lisbon, this latest trip (AUG/SEP17) was no exception. I arrived in Lisbon in the latter half of the morning and, after checking into my hotel a short walk from the airport, I ventured out for a visit to the Oceanarium.

After seeing the fishes I took the cable-car that runs along the riverside from the Oceanarium, above the Tagides Promenade, and began to walk back along the park where there are numerous places to eat or drink on, what I discovered, was Rua Pimenta. It was past lunchtime so I was ready to eat.

Always on the lookout for something local, or different, I settled on Prego d'Pescador. I chose, with assistance from the waitress, a table outside. Guests inside would benefit from air-conditioning but I preferred the fresh air.

The menu arrived quickly but I had already questioned the waitress and made my selection from the menu pinned to a board outside the restaurant. I ordered the Prego Original, together with a glass of red wine.

Pregos are a Portuguese speciality, typically a meat sandwich. I chose the "original" which, like the Prego d'Pescador, is tuna-based. The pregos here are based on a traditional Madeira Island bread, known as Bolo de Caco, which looks like a muffin.

Bolo is Portuguese for cake but the reference here is in respect of the bread's cake-shaped rather than being a type of cake. The "caco" is a stone slab on which the bread is cooked. The bread itself is made from sweet potatoes.

The wine arrived first, along with olives, bread and a couple of rissole-style appetisers. I finished my glass of wine while eating these and ordered another glass for the main meal.

Not long later my prego arrived in a dish, accompanied by sweet potato chips (as in french fries rather than crisps!). The prego itself looked like a burger, the bread had been sliced open, spread with dijon mustard, with a tuna steak topped with the other half of the bread. The mustard was a pleasant addition to the sandwich which, I suspect, would have otherwise been a bit dry.

There were eight tuna-based pregos to choose from, plus vegetarian, cod or veal pregos. I enjoyed the Original. I also enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the area which appeared to be converted riverside warehouses. The immediate view from the restaurant was of trees and the gardens that ran parallel to the river, and the river beyond.

An enjoyable visit to an area that I was not previously familiar with.



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