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Big on Bigoli!

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Who likes pasta? I do!

There are well over 150 types of Italian pasta that were created in various regions throughout Italy. Bear in mind that Italy didn’t become a country as such until about 150 years ago - but that's political history … more important is pasta!! I have eaten 60 varieties so far.

One of the Venetian kinds of pasta is bigoli which is made from buckwheat flour and squeezed to form long thin tubes - thinner and longer than macaroni. It originated in Veneto, probably in Venice itself, using duck eggs rather than hens eggs to bind the flour. Modern versions use hens eggs and some restaurants use whole wheat flour which I find to be less "rustic" in taste and texture, but certainly very edible.

On my visits to Veneto last month (AUG/SEP17) I ate a bigoli dish, Pasta Bigoli in Salsa, at Postier in Porto Santa Margherita. The salsa, a traditional one, was an anchovy and onion sauce, so quite a strong flavour. Nice if you like anchovy, which I do, but I suspect many people will find this dish a bit overpowering on the palate.

Very simple to prepare at home: bigoli pasta, anchovies, onions and a little salt and water. Those with a more adventurous spirit can make the pasta too - not a very complicated process although creating the tube structure may prove difficult without access to a "bigolaro" which is a mechanism for extruding the prepared pasta into the long thin tubes. 

When in Veneto, try the bigoli!