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Caffé corretto

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I enjoy driving but a downside of touring in Veneto, or anywhere for that matter, is that the driver cannot enjoy alcoholic drinks. This is a significant negative aspect of motoring, for the driver at least, in a country filled with picturesque lanes, coffee bars and trattorias.

Stopping off for a quick coffee, or a slow one, provides a relaxing break from driving when getting to know the countryside. As far as coffee is concerned I like it in any form, preferably strong espresso, but served "corretto" ie correct, with a dash of grappa makes it a special beverage.

While it is possible to correct an espresso with other spirits the best way surely has to be with grappa in the land of grappa. 

Grappa is a distilled wine that originated almost 2,000 years ago in the region of what became the Venetian town of Bassano del Grappa. The town sits on the river Brenta and has a bridge, Ponte Vecchio, also known as Ponte degli Alpini, that joins the two halves of the town. The drive between Bassano del Grappa and Treviso is a pleasant one so foregoing a glass of wine or a special coffee is not a chore. The roads pass through farmland against the backdrop of the Grappa mountains, and the Dolomites beyond, with many small café bars and restaurants along the route. At the tail end of summer the distant mountains are white topped.

I managed to find time for a few "correttos" on my recent trip, in Treviso, Porto Santa Margherita and the final one in Campalto (Venice).

On my last evening in Venice, without a car, I had a caffe corretto - I was no longer driving and it had been raining all day and quite a bit cooler so I needed it!

The next morning, on my way to the airport, I could see the mountains in the distance, covered in the first snow of winter. Too early for a caffe corretto. More next visit!