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Continental Drifter is the Alan Skyrme Photography blog first established in 2004 under the banner Continental Drift. In it we publish snippets about nutrition, information about fruit and food, articles about travel experiences, travel reviews and other related notes.

Caorle and Porto Santa Margherita, Veneto

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The best, and most accessible beach resorts near Venice, in my biased (!) opinion, are centred on Caorle.

The town of Caorle is a charming old fishing village that has grown to be an attractive holiday town. Its neighbour, Porto Santa Margherita (also sometimes known as Porto Santa Margherita di Caorle), grew as a holiday town since space available in Caorle was restricted by the terrain - a river on one side, a reserve on the other, and farmland behind with the sea in front.

My parents lived in Porto Santa Margherita for many years though, sadly, my father died there in 1996. I therefore visited as often as I could - work tended to limit the frequency but at one point I was able to go there twice a year.

My mother moved to Sicily seven years ago - no snow on Sicilian beaches in winter! - but returns to see friends and family regularly. We had a family reunion in Porto Santa Margherita in August, so I have prepared a few posts and articles about the trip that I shall post / publish in the coming weeks.

The Caorle blog notes will be first, tomorrow, and Porto Santa Margherita will follow on Wednesday. Others will roll out from the weekend.