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Dattilo, home of the best cannoli?

  Cannoli from Bar Euro di Mazzaro

Cannoli from Bar Euro di Mazzaro

Competition is good. It makes people strive to improve and be better than the rest. Luckily for those who love cannoli this seems to be true in a small corner of Sicily, the country that is the home of the original cannolo.

The small village of Dattilo has built a reputation for producing the best Cannoli in Sicily. No mean feat for a land of proud people with a rich history and strong traditions. While the superlative term is, in my view, one of personal taste (some people prefer commercially produced over-sweetened products to genuine traditional ones) rather than being a measurable end, the pasticeria that creates the cannoli here has developed a friendly contest with a neighbouring village, Napolo, which no doubt helps to draw customers to both places and leads to a high quality product.

Dattilo is a small place that sits in the middle of the countryside. It has a church and the Euro Bar di Mazzara, and little else. There are less than 500 inhabitants in this rural community.

The place to visit is the Euro Bar which started the business in 1976. It is located on via Garibaldi, the main road through the village. The establishment is not only a bar but also a pasticeria and gelateria ie a pastry and ice-cream store. It serves locals from the village and the surrounding countryside, but also, as a result of its reputation, from farther afield.

In addition to cannoli, the bar produces other great tasting pastries and savouries including another Sicilian speciality – “arancina” a ball of rice mixed with mozzarella, meat or ham, and peas. The balls are covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried. When ready they have the colour and size of an orange, hence the name “arancina” (meaning a small orange) .



We bought a couple of cannoli and a tortina paradiso – a sweet glazed pastry that looks a bit like a Chinese Mooncake but is made from almond paste. The cannoli were really good and the tortina was very nice. Both highly recommended.

  Torta Paradiso

Torta Paradiso

The Euro Bar is a pleasant place in which to have a coffee and eat pastries or ice cream or arancini, and it’s only about  20 minutes drive from Trapani / Erice on the autostrada to Palermo.


How to get there

Dattilo is located 15 to 20 minutes away from Trapani, by car, if one takes the autostrada (no tolls). It takes a few minutes longer taking the SP 29, which is a more scenic route. One way to see the countryside and ensure the cannoli stay fresh after purchaing them is to go via the SP 29 and return on the autostrada. Or stay and eat the cannoli at Bar Euro!


What to do there

Eat cannoli, pastries, arancine, ice cream and drink coffee.


Euro Bar di Mazzara:

Via Garibaldo 11-13

Dattilo (Paceco) TP




0923 861434



Note: The village of Napola is just a five minutes away from Dattilo, so easily possible to try the cannoli in both locations.