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Continental Drifter

Continental Drifter is the Alan Skyrme Photography blog first established in 2004 under the banner Continental Drift. In it we publish snippets about nutrition, information about fruit and food, articles about travel experiences, travel reviews and other related notes.

Writer's Block


Or Creative Block as it applies equally to poets, painters and photographers!

It can hit anyone at anytime. I find that it hits me when I try too hard. Deadlines can be a culprit. For me the best thing to do is to take a walk and empty the mind. Freeing oneself from the confines of office, studio or home can help unlock the doors of the mind that seems to jam themselves closed.

Another remedy that I use is my notepad. I have a bunch of those little black Moleskine books that I try to carry everywhere. Unfortunately I don’t always have a pen or pencil with me so my back-up is the ever-present phone with either a voice recorder or note-pad built in. I prefer hand-writing as I find it more rewarding to see the notes and words appearing while I think.

Today is a day that had been scheduled for external tasks. The weather, though, has caused a change of heart and as I had not planned on doing anything creative I can now use the time to review my notes and prioritise them for future use.

Every cloud has a silver lining!