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Continental Drifter is the Alan Skyrme Photography blog first established in 2004 under the banner Continental Drift. In it we publish snippets about nutrition, information about fruit and food, articles about travel experiences, travel reviews and other related notes.

Full Cornish Breakfast

It was not my first trip to Cornwall. I had driven there from London about 40 years earlier. On a whim to see an old school friend. He has in the meantime become quite famous for various things Cornish and has been interviewed on the BBC.

On the latest occasion I arrived by train from London. It was a long journey with an overnight stay in Penzance before catching the ferry to the Isles of Scilly.

I stayed at a local inn but missed dinner so had to get some food from one of the few places open that night.

Next morning, up bright and early for the ferry trip, I noted that the restaurant offered a full Cornish Breakfast. Excellent idea. My mind tried to work out what it could be while the kitchen staff prepared the food. When it arrived I was a bit disappointed, for a short while at least, and noted that it bore a very distinct similarity to a Full English Breakfast, and indeed to a Full Scottish Breakfast, though the latter does havethe occasional variation.

Scrambled eggs, bacon, baked beans, sausage, tomato and mushrooms with toast. I guess the difference between the Cornish version and that of England is the lack of black pudding and fried bread, that and having scrambled rather than fried eggs.

Nonetheless it was good food and I enjoyed it. It isn't every day that I get access to this traditional breakfast, and no doubt my doctor would have strong words if I ate this more than once a year!

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