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Shoot Froot - Cashew



Name:                   Cashew

Scientific name:  Anacardium occidentale

Other names:      Caju (portuguese)



Tropical evergreen tree originally from northeast Brazil but now also produced in Nigeria, Ivory Coast, India and Vietnam.

The plant has a false fruit (the cashew apple) and the kidney-shaped fruit, a drupe, in which the nut resides.


Nutritional Benefits:

Cashew nuts are good source of nutrients, minerals and vitamins with multiple medicinal uses including reduction of inflammation. Following based on 1/4 cup of cashew nuts:

196 calories

5 grams of protein

1 gram off fibre

16 grams of fat

750 milligrams copper (84 percent DV)

89 milligrams magnesium (33 percent DV)

167 milligrams phosphorous (28 percent DV)

9 milligrams zinc (23 percent DV)

27 milligrams manganese (15 percent DV)

11 milligrams vitamin K (12 percent DV)

2 milligrams iron (11 percent DV)

23 milligrams folate (6 percent DV)


The cashew apple is rich in vitamin C. Consumption (as juice or whole fruit) assists with fat burning, energy and immune system


Health benefits:

Antioxidant; (both fruit and nut) prevents diabetes, various cancers and gallstones; helps with weight loss and weight maintenance; supports healthy brain function


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NB: While Alan Skyrme has a number of diplomas in Nutrition it is strongly recommended that the latest available analyses of the nutritional contents and benefits are obtained from appropriate sources. Those provided here are indicative only and may be incomplete.