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Against hate!

I do not usually like to publish political commentary on my blog, but the recent terrorist violence in USA and Barcelona has prompted this:

How can a nation, founded on principles that enabled it to grow to become a global leader in democracy in a 200 year period, suddenly become a laughing stock in less than a year? How can it, virtually overnight, ignore the lessons it learned and taught?

How can the memory of those who lost their lives or sanity in the fight to establish the admirable doctrine of a free, democratic and egalitarian world be wiped away without a care?

In the past 8 months, we have seen the good work of ages being undone through incompetent and complacent leadership. The foundations and structure of a once-great nation have been converted into pillars of ridicule, hypocrisy and disappointment.

It is the incompetence and complacency that allows bullshit organisations, whatever names they give themselves, to rise up and take power.

It is not that the USA has lost direction but rather, unfortunately, that the those with good sense have lost the ability to prevent the changes that are taking place. A number of things have occurred since the new presidency was established under POTUS 45 that should never have been permitted to happen: the appointment of family members to the White House; complacency and poor judgement in handling domestic incidents; foreign policy to name a few. Changes are needed to ensure this cannot happen again.

Social media has suggested that impeachment is a possibility, or even that political hari-kiri may be an end-result, but so far nothing has come close to changing the current status. Perhaps POTUS 45 will complete his first term and even stand for a second one in three years time.

Whatever happens, America will never be the same and neither will the world. Unfortunately, the world is already in a poorer condition that it was a year ago. Even if POTUS 45 were to go, his VP is probably not likely to make any changes for the better.


The hateful attitudes that we have witnessed, a malignancy that needs to be checked before it grows, that requires good people to take action (non-violent, positive action) to make the world a better place.