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Continental Drifter is the Alan Skyrme Photography blog first established in 2004 under the banner Continental Drift. In it we publish snippets about nutrition, information about fruit and food, articles about travel experiences, travel reviews and other related notes.

Instagram and stuff!

The great thing about iPhones (and other smart phones) is the convenience of using the built-in camera when a large camera can't be carried.

I specifically bought a Nokia N8 a few years ago because of the quality of the phone's camera. A pity that Nokia made such a strategic error, but nice to see them coming back. My Nokia still works as a camera but the phone doesn’t want to recognise simm cards anymore. In recent years I have made a big, though easy, commitment to iPhone photography. The iPhone camera is of good quality and access to apps, including Instagram, has made image capture and processing so easy.

My iPhone has a suite of Abode apps that I use in addition to the Lightroom and Photoshop programs on my Mac. I also use Snapseed, Photogene, Camerabag and Instagram. The main point of using any of these apps is to quickly adjust an image or to add artistic features before publishing to Instagram, Pinterest or Behance, or placing on sale with Alamy's Stockimo.

Depending on the type of image I may make only minor adjustments or I may apply multiple effects to obtain the image I want. Instagram viewers like to see consistency of style. Stockimo seems to accept generally more funky images. I upload what I like but try to work in a consistent way at least for a period - can't be too static, tastes change!

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