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Erice - by the sea (final part of the Erice series)

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The lower part of Erice, known as Casa Santa, is bounded by the beach and Mount Erice, and by the town of Trapani and rural countryside beyond San Cusumano. The lower cable-car station sits under Mount Erice not far from the Trapani boundary.


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The area has new and old houses and apartments that form the core of the modern residential area of Erice. There are also certain Regional services under management by the Trapani government. These include a small prison, a couple of hospitals and a sports stadium.


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Erice’s San Giuliano beach runs along the bay between San Cusumano and the Parco Urbano in which are the ruins of the old San Giuliano tuna cannery. The beach is divided, during the summer months, into a number of “lidos” which provide facilities in the form of beach beds, umbrellas, and snacks. The Sun Club, on the junction of Lunghomare Dante Alighieri and via Lido di Venere, is open all year, though in winter the services are limited to dining.


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Lower Erice is principally a beach town so there is not much to do there for visitors unless one is keen on general exploration.

In the heart of the lower town is San Giuliano village with its tradional grocery stores, wine shops, butchers and bakeries. Close by numerous churches including Erice’s new, modern parochial church.

Getting to Erice

By plane to either Palermo or Trapani airports.

Car, taxi or bus from the airport to the town. Taxi fares are high - about 140 euros from Palermo airport to Trapani/Erice.

The journey time from Palermo airport to Erice, via the autostrada, is about an hour. Trapani airport to Erice is about half that time.

What to do and see

The beach, the ruins of the old tuna cannery in Parco Urbano (actually on the Erice/Trapani border), a number of churches and a few restaurants and bars, including enotecas - wine bars where one can taste and buy local wines.

Nature: birds and flowers for those interested in the wild stuff!


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More posts to follow about Trapani, Marsala and the region's food and drink!

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